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Mathew Wylie


Associate Diploma in Arts (Photography)

from the Sydney Institute of Technology 1993


Mathew Wylie is a professional photographer with many years experience in wedding and portrait photography. His candid, unobtrusive photography perfectly documents a wedding. He integrates the small details, spontaneous moments and emotions into a cohesive narrative that uniquely reflects the romance and passion of a wedding day. He anticipates the flow of events and captures the ambience of the day in

rich vibrant colour, and timeless Black & White images.

Mathew gives his personal commitment to every wedding he is commissioned to shoot; from the first interview through to the photography on the wedding day, and onto the planning of the album.


In his Portrait photography, Mathew brings out the warmth of your character, captures expressions and the times that are special, moments that are fleeting and the relationships that have meaning,

to reflect your life, personality and character.

Oatley,  Sydney,  NSW,  Australia

Studio / mobile 0407 415 959


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